Where do think is the most popular place in Tokyo?
Akihabara is the one, Shibuya is also very famous for foreigners, but how about “Don Quijote Store”?

Apparently, Don Quijote Store is the ‘must-visit’ place for foreign people.
In the shop, you will hear many different foreign languages, as so many foreign people visit the Don Quijote Store – it is said that one out of every two foreign tourists go to Don Quijote Store.
Do you know why?

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Let me start to explain about Don Quijote Store as I think you will be interested.
Don Quijote Store is a discount chain store which is commonly known as “Donki” – a combination of “Convenience + Discount + Amusement” since 1989.
There are 400 shops all over Japan (2017) and a wide range of product – about 45,000 – for each shop, from foods to home electric appliances.
The displayed products look a mess, but it is the way in which Don Quijote Store attracts their customers, as they can get great enjoyment from exploring and browsing around the shop with nothing specific to buy in mind.

Six reasons why Don Quijote Store is the must-visit place

Now let me introduce six reasons why Don Quijote Store is so popular among foreigners.
Don Quijote Store has been working hard to improve their marketing and customer service in order buildup their attraction to foreigners.
There are four very popular shops in Tokyo: Shinjuku, Akihabara, Asakusa and Ikebukuro.

The services are:

1) Tax-free shopping service

This is the first reason. All products can be purchased Tax-free, so it is a great opportunity for foreigners to do their shopping cheaper.
The “Welcome counter” helps you with the Tax-free shopping part.

2) Delivery service to the Airport

This is a very good service available at Don Quijote Store.
This service has been highly favoured by customers, as all of the products bought can be delivered direct to the airport.
It is indeed very helpful not having to carry or store purchases during your trip.

3) Foreign currency

You can use foreign currency at Don Quijote Store such as Chinese Gen, Tiwanese dollars, Korean Won, Thailand Baht, Hong Kong dollars, US dollars and Euros.
One of pleasures of visiting Japan is shopping, so being able to use your own currency, means less stress trying to manage Japanese Yen and currency exchange, and more time to enjoy shopping!

4) Language

There are many languages available on the Don Quijote Store website, and also a caption linked to popular products in those languages, so foreigners are able to understand all the information and make purchases without any mistakes.
There is also a “Welcome crew” that have four different languages.

5) Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi at all of the shops of Don Quijote Store.
You can decide to purchase the product for the house whilst you can chat with your family, you can search reviews about the product that you are thinking of buying.
Free Wi-Fi makes life and purchases much easier.

6) Opening times

Don Quijote Store opens until late, and some shops in Tokyo open for 24 hours.
That means foreigners don’t need to spend their daytime shopping, and instead can enjoy various activities or sightseeing, yet are still able to get the things you want during the night.
So you don’t need to rush off to shop, which is a great option during your trip.

Now you can see why Don Quijote Store is very popular.
Let’s take a look the five ‘Must-Buy’ Japanese “Cool” souvenirs you can buy at Don Quijote Store.

Must-Buy Japanese Cool souvenirs

1. Funny socks

Japan’s funny socks are full of Kawaii characters and Japanese food themes.
You can choose from hundreds of them at Don Quijote Store. They are light to carry, even when buying lots to take back to your own country – and your friends will love you forever!

2. Yukata

Yakata is a summer, casual cotton kimono. A starter pack includes an Obi belt from around 3,000 Yen.
There are so many different colours and patterns, for both males and females, and only one size fits all.
Why don’t you choose one for taking back home?

3. Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets are so tasty, especially Matcha flavoured sweets, for example Matcha Kitkats, but Don Quijote Store has much more.
Don Quijote Store has a huge variety of them at a really competitive price, so you can buy as much as you like for yourself, family and friends.

4. Beauty and Pharmaceuticals

Cosmetic products, supplements, also eye drops and cool packs – you’ll find all the products you want at Don Quijote Store.
Why so many foreigners are buying these things? Because of their high quality.

5. Name stamp “Hanko”

You can make your own original name stamp by using a vending machine at Don Quijote Store. You get your name changed into Chinese characters and you can add Japanese style illustrations to finish your design. It is easy to make and English instruction is available.
It’s cool to have your own original Japanese name stamp, isn’t it?

If you found that Don Quijote Store is a very interesting place to go, why don’t you have a look at their website: http://www.donki.com/en/

It is highly recommended for foreigners to make a plan to visit Don Quijote Store in order to find all their products, their competitive price and their excellent service – don’t forget their fun atmosphere!

Thank you for reading!

Top Image @Antonio Tajuelo