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3 Trendy Japanese Sneaker Brand You Need to Know

3 Trendys Japanese Sneaker Brand You Need to Know

If you think you’re not a sneaker person, now may be a good time to reconsider. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that sneakers have become prevalent over the past couple of years. Gone are the days when they were only preserved for gym bunnies. Sneakers…read more

Japanese Women’s Clothing Brands

japanese women's clothing brands

When thinking about Japanese fashion brands, one may immediately think about the Harajuku girls. With their flamboyant looks that are often inspired by anime culture, it’s no surprise that they’ve been a target of the international attention. However. if you thought cutesy looks were the only types of clothes we’re…read more

Japanese 10 Best Jeans Brands!

japanese 10 best jeans brands

Jeans can be easily said that it is the the world’s favorite pants. With its careful craftsmanship, Japanese jeans made using high quality denim, are gaining more and more attention these days. Here is the list which can navigate you to help find the best jeans in Japan!

Kimono Designed by YOSHIKI, X JAPAN Drummer – YOSHIKIMONO


Have you head of a kimono brand YOSHIKIMONO? Maybe not. But perhaps, it may pique your interest once you learned that a member of rock band is the designer of this brand. But kimono feels so traditional and modest, while rock music feels so… opposite, right? Let’s find out how…read more

10 Hottest Japanese Fashion(Clothing) Brands

10 Hottest Japanese Fashion Brands!

Are you planning to go shopping in Japan but have no idea of where to go? We rounded up a list of popular Japanese fashion brands so that you can find investment in your personal clothing style! If you are curious about the recommendations for shopping at Japanese clothing stores,…read more