While Japanese fashion has developed and given birth to different styles from its own unique culture, Japanese jewelry has also evolved in its unique way, without being bound it its shape or fabric. In this article, you can find 10 well known Japanese Jewelry brands which might be good fit for you!

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Mikimoto is undoubtedly one of the best Japanese jewelers. The founder, Kokichi Mikimoto created the world’s first cultured pearls in 1893, and opened its first pearly specialty boutique in Ginza, Tokyo in 1899. It has since led the modern jewelry industry in Japan. The pearls are nurtured in the Japanese sea with much care and time. The jewelry used using the signature Akoya cultured pearl is a symbol of elegance and beauty. It also offers jewelry using diamonds and other precious stones committed to beautiful designs. Mikimoto is undoubtedly the epitome of high-class jewelry in Japan.

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Ever since Tasaki has succeeded in culturing the rare, large-winged pearls, Tasaki has been leading the pearl industry in Japan, along with Mikimoto. In addition to jewelry using pearls, it also has a lineup of jewerly using other precious stones, and a line using its unique SAKURAGOLD™. The SAKURAGOLD™ line uses K18 gold with less redness and yellow ness than the usual pink gold, making it elegant and stylish.

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NIWAKA is a high-class jewerly brand that was born in the ancient city of Kyoto with a history of over 1200 years. The brand treasures the ancient worldview and heritage of Kyoto, and incorporates natural elements into their design and craftsmanship. The fine jewerly produced at NIWAKA are made to stand the test of time and each piece is made with commitment to quality. The popular lines breathe new life into traditional Japanese motifs, such as KOSHI that uses the traditional lattice motif used in Japanese tea houses and KANO, inspired by the kano musubi which is an ancient kanji character that originates from a knot tying.

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While we have looked at high-end jewelry brands so far, there are also a wide range of jewelry brands in Japan that are much more affordable, targeting a younger audience. Cute, feminine, and stylish, STARJEWERLY is a highly fashionable jewelry brand and has many fans who look forward to its new additions every season. It offers a wide range of design using bright, colorful gems that will pair perfectly with stylish clothings. If you lik

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4℃ Jewelry

4℃ Jewelry is another jewelry brand that has a strong fan base of young people. The brand believes in offering simple designs that pursues the true beauty of jewelry that makes the daily lives of women shine even brighter. Although the fans of 4℃ may be young, the brand is admired for its elegant and simple design and beauty, which is why it attracts so many admirers . With just the right amount of trendiness, it is the perfect jewelry to be worn to work or on a holiday.

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agete is also a beloved jewelry brand by many young people. It is known for using K10 and K18 and turning it into stylish and adorable jewelry. What is unique about agete is that while it offers a simple design that can be worn to work, it also has a line that has a touch of bohemian style in its accessories. Turquoise stones, pearls, and feather-like gold plates are lavishly used to create their chic look. With just the right amount of luxury and affordable pricing, there’s no wonder why young ladies love this brand so much.

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Vandome Aoyama

Vandome Aoyama started its first store in Aoyama, a town known for offering trendy, luxury fashion and jewelry stores. Vandome Aoyama is loved by not only young people but also people in their 40’s. This is because of the high quality and elegant design it offers, while incorporating just the right amount of trendiness. All of the jewelry are designed by Japanese female designers and are made with the finest care to every detail. It’s diamond pendant and earrings are one of its signature items.

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Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is a jewelry brand known for its cute, unique designs . Its signature line is the “ETERNO FAMILY,” which claims that the reason why jewelry can shine forever is because the women who wears it remain attractive forever. The heart shaped pendants and eternity rings are covered with gems so that it will be a gradation of colors. The most popular is the vivid pink graduation, but other colors are also popular, including sapphire blue and rainbow. If you want a Japanese “kawaii” jewelry item, go to Ponte Vecchio.

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AHKAH is a stylish jewelry brand that is creates jewerly that is petite and elegant. It is popular for offering petite-size pendants that make the decorate area look feminine, allowing women to wear it wherever they go, including work. The brand uses many iconic figures in its ads, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Like agete, it is known for using K18 gold, combined with cute designs that will is not flashy, but naturally blends in with your fashion.

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COCOSHNIK offers jewerly that can be worn for everyday use. The brand is not only supported by young people, but also by women in their 30’s and 40’s. The vivid colors and pristine technique crates jewelry that brings out your original beauty. The affordable pricing and simple but edgy design is great to add a statement to your fashion. For yellow gold jewerly that is not over-the-top cute but elegant, look for COCOSHNIK.

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