Jeans can be easily said that it is the the world’s favorite pants. With its careful craftsmanship, Japanese jeans made using high quality denim, are gaining more and more attention these days. Here is the list which can navigate you to help find the best jeans in Japan!

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SAMURAI JEANS is a Japanese jeans maker with a relentless passion to produce authentic made in Japan jeans that inherits the traditions and techniques of Japan. Although there are many cheap, faded jeans available in the market today, the brand is committed to creating high quality jeans that allows you to enjoy the way the color fades. The brand’s signature jeans is called heavy ounce denim, that weighs more than 20 ounces. If you are tired of the skinny, light jeans that are readily available in the market, go to SAMURAI JEANS.


MOMOTARO JEANS is a jeans maker that has contributed in rising the fame of Japanese jeans by offering a 10 year warranty. The was founded in the Mecca of Japanese denim, Kojima, Okayama Prefecture. The extremely dark indigo color is highly rare, creating a gorgeous way of color fading. The brand also offers tailor-made jeans, which is hard to find for other brands. The highly acclaimed techniques of the Okayama artisans are packed in each pair of jeans, creating fans all over the world.


EVISU Jeans is known for creating comfortable jeans with a wider waist line. Unlike the brands introduced above, EVISU jeans is particular about making the color fading process slow, which is an ideal choice if you like your pair of jeans to retain its dark color. The seagull-shaped stitches on the pockets of the back of the jeans is a beloved signature of the brand.The most popular model is the #2001, which recreated the vintage Levis model the designer had owned. The slightly oversized design is super comfortable and stylish.


RED CARD is one of the most popular denim brands in Japan. It is known for producing vintage-like jeans that are made with care by its skillful artisans. It calls the denim item it produces, “Japanese denim,” exhibiting pride and commitment to its craftsmanship. It uses one of the most advanced denim fabrics called the acme that is made in Japan. The thread is made using SUPIMA Cotton of the highest grade, realizing a beautiful color-fading process. The fastener and bottoms are also made in Japan, creating a pure made in Japan masterpiece.



WAREHOUSE & CO. is a Japanese denim brand specializing in creating American vintage-like jeans. Although it has specialized in making men’s jeans, it has recently also launched a long-awaited women’s line. With a commitment to recreating vintage American jeans, it uses sewing machines with a setting replicating old American sewing machines. While technology advances, the brand has stayed loyal to the old ways of making jeans, just like how it was in America. With a love to good’ol American jeans and clothing, you can count that the brand will continue to produce top-quality, vintage-like items from now on as well.


FULL COUNT is a denim brand inspired by the jeans inspired by American jeans in the 1940’s – 1950’s that is highly practical and also fashionable. It is committed to pursuing the original, good qualities of jeans during that time and reestablishing its value as a high quality “product.” The fabric is made using cotton from Zimbabwe known for its high quality. This hand-picked cotton allows FULL COUNT to make jeans that are light, stretchable, and super comfortable to wear. If you are looking for comfortable jeans, go to FULL COUNT.


orSlow was founded in 2005 with the belief to “create things by carefully choose things that are original.” The original details and unique design make this brand standout among the Japanese denim brands. Each pair of jeans created by orSlow is made using vintage sewing machines which are hard to find in these days. This creates a vintage-like warmth in each pair of jeans produced. The stylish designs pairs great with the latest trends, so even if you are not a big fan of vintage denim, orSlow jeans will fit perfectly with your trendy styles.



STUDIO D’ARTISAN is a Japanese denim maker that made Japan’s first Serubitchi jeans. While most jeans sold in Japan now reflect the mass production and mass consumption trend created during the rapid economic growth period in the 1970’s, STUDIO D’ARTISAN, that was founded by a Japanese designer who studied design in France, believes the value of old-style jeans. Made using old looms, the fabric is tight, slabby, allowing beautiful fading. Other than hank dying using natural indigo, the brand has also launched a line of jeans dyed using authentic Japanese indigo.


HYSTERIC GLAMOUR was founded by Mr. Nobuhiko Kitamura in 1987. It is known for its edgy design incorporating the artistic rock’n’roll spirit of the 1960’s – 1980’s. The brand is faithful to its unique design, without being influenced by the trends. HYSTERIC GLAMOUR’s jeans are also famous for its bold ways of remaking the jeans. The bold and eye-catching tears and color fades make the jeans look like authentic vintage jeans. This is the to-go brand if you want some flare in your fashion.


KURO is a Japanese denim maker that was founded in 2014. The brand has fans around the world for its superb quality and unique details, such as the beautiful honeycombs, which is created with care by hand. The stitching is also done by changing the width and the type of thread used depending on the part of the jeans. The high quality jeans will help you create a stylish and sophisticated style, which allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – comfort and elegance.

Japan’s high quality jeans and denim items are top class, and any jeans or denim items from the brands above are sure to satisfy even the craziest jeans fan. Come and try on one of the jeans above during your next visit to Japan.

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