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Japanese “Wagyu” Beef

Japanese "Wagyu" Beef

In recent years, Japanese beef, wagyu has been praised for its rich flavor, gaining fans all over the globe. While we all know that wagyu is delicious it’s hard to understand the different types of...

10 Best Cheesecakes in Tokyo

tokyo cheesecake

While New York City may be the city that comes to our minds when we think about cheesecakes, Tokyo has some innovative high-quality cheesecakes that are worth trying out (We’re looking at you Pablo). Here...

A Beginner’s Guide to Edamame(枝豆)

A Beginner's Guide to Edamame(枝豆)

Not sure what edamame is? In short, they’re the green beans that are served as appetizers at your favorite Japanese izakaya and that “magical” up-and-coming vegetable you’re friend won’t stop raving about. Edamame is a...