Are you planning to go shopping in Japan but have no idea of where to go? We rounded up a list of popular Japanese fashion brands so that you can find investment in your personal clothing style! If you are curious about the recommendations for shopping at Japanese clothing stores, this list would be helpful for you.

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UNIQLO is one of the biggest Japanese fashion brands in Japan. They sell inexpensive yet high quality fashion merchandise and it has successfully opened stores worldwide. With its high-quality clothes, this brand is quite popular regardless of generations. Plus, with its wide variety of selections and functional materials, their clothes are versatile when it comes to its usage; traveling, emergency, daily etc. Whether you are looking for daily clothes, light coat so that you can wear & bring while traveling and underwear, you can find all of them in their stores.


COMME des GARÇONS was founded by Rei Kawakubo, the unique Japanese fashion stylist. It has stores around the world such as London, Paris, NY, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo. Their best-sellers are sophisticated trench coats and classic skinny jeans, however their clothing might not be to everyone’s taste. That being said, with its unique clothes, some of you might like this brand as she shows this brand’s main collections during Paris Fashion Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week.


UNITED ARROWS is a Japanese fashion boutique that has more than 256 stores all over the world. They have many sub-brands such as Beauty & Youth, green label relaxing and DRAWER. In terms of this main brand, suits are the best seller among young people in Japan. They also have a wide variety of T-shirts and jeans, you can find everything from brazers to classic suits.


MUJI is widely known for its low cost quality products. Although the selection of clothes are not as wide as others, here is a reason why they are going mainstream into fashion industry: they are completely transparent about where their clothing is manufactured and all of their clothes are eco-friendly. For instance, some of their products are made out of cotton from a healthy field, which gives them soft and comfortable texture. One of the most versatile products is T-shirts made by woven from coarse-coconut threads, which is a perfect-fit for winter.


GU is UNIQLO’s sister store with the concept of a play on the Japanese word ‘自由(Jiyuu)’, which means ‘freedom’. As with GU, it is low-priced, fast fashion brand that is popular among young twenty-somethings. If you like trends and catching up with it, then they have your budget fashion weakness. They have 280 stores mainly southeast asia such as Honkong and Shanghai.


LOWRYS FARM is a trendy Japanese brand for 20 to 30s. It’s important that you go in with a sense of what you like to get the best value for your money. Although their merchandise are pricier than others, they are selling casual clothing. Many of the picks you’ll find on this brand tend to be trendy.


MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY is a second line of MACKINTOSH that has wide selection of British style clothes. The best-seller is suits. They have stores all over Japan. Their sophisticated offerings are popular among generations. They are comfortable and durable.


BEAMS is one of the longest-running and a major select shop that has more than 70 domestic stores and has been expanding internationally such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei. They sell casual and comfortable clothes that can be used on a daily basis.


B:MING is BEAMS’ sister brand that’s targeted towards various generations. Their clothes are spanning from mens, women to kids and infants. With simple, functional and high-quality clothes, they offer “styling”options on their site, allowing you to know how to coordinate your style with their clothes.


TAKEO KIKUCHI is a highly popular men’s brand in Japan. Designed by TAKEO KIKUCHI, his chic, classic and novel style clothes are widely used by business people, which is nicely combined with asian fashion and European style.

Shopping in Japan will inspire you to take your personal style to adventurous new heights. Explore those and find out which one is your favorites. More importantly, enjoy shopping!

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