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Six Reasons to Go to Don Quijote Store

Six Reasons to Go to Don Quijote Store

Where do think is the most popular place in Tokyo? Akihabara is the one, Shibuya is also very famous for foreigners, but how about “Don Quijote Store”? Apparently, Don Quijote Store is the ‘must-visit’ place for foreign people. In the shop, you will hear many different foreign languages, as so…read more

5 Things to Buy at MUJI

5 Things to Buy at MUJI

It’s not hard to become obsessed with MUJI. MUJI is short for Mujirushi Ryouhin which means no brand, quality goods in Japanese. The Japanese brand has mastered the art of creating well-designed, high-quality goods, all with a minimalist flair. Unlike other retail stores, they don’t flaunt colors or logos on…read more

Top 4 Cat Islands in Japan

Are you a dog lover or a cat lover? If you answered the later within a heartbeat, Japan may have something in store that just might completely melt your heart: cat islands. While the phenomenon of cat islands remains a myth, these islands have garnered attention on the internet. Brace…read more

Convenient Japanese Travel Services: Luggage-Free Travel to Baby Stroller Rentals

Tokyo Station

Over 28,690,000 foreign visitors came to Japan in 2017 (Japan National Tourism Organization). With such huge numbers, we’re seeing the expansion of convenient traveler services in Japan to make your stay even more enjoyable. Here are some that you can’t miss—especially for families travelling with babies and small children!

Travel Back to Edo Period in Japan; theme park ‘Edo Wonderland / Nikko Edomura’ lets you live the life of samurai


If you’re visiting this site, I suppose you’re at a place where (a) you want to learn about Japan because you’re planning to go there or already live there, or (b) you are fascinated by the country and somewhat feel like you have emotional connection to the culture. For those…read more

Here Is The Place You Can Rent Kimono and Walk Around Asakusa!

Rent Kimono and Walk Around Asakusa!

You may have an interest in ‘Kimono’ which is a Japanese traditional wear. You can rent or even buy one secondhand in shops. We recommend you walk around Asakusa, that is an old town in Tokyo, with wearing a kimono. It would be nicer to go riding on Rickshaw. Feel…read more

Tokyo Sentou Draws Hot Springs Water Recommended Kuroyu and Nigoriyu!

Tokyo Sentou

In downtown, you will find public baths called ‘Sentou’ in Tokyo. Normally, those are filled with tap water supplied by the local government. However, there are several public baths with natural mineral water known as ‘Onsen’ in Japan. Surprisingly, 20 out of 23 wards in Tokyo have the source of…read more