As much as I love sushi, every now and then I have an immense craving for burgers. Sure, McDonald’s works, but Tokyo has more to offer. Japanese wagyu beef has been hailed as premium beef for some time. Kobe beef anyone? While you might associate wagyu with steak, there are many burger joints in Tokyo that are using wagyu beef for their patties. And let me tell you, it’s so heavenly, you do not want to miss out.

Here are 5 places to stop by for some tasty wagyu burgers.

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1.Henry’s Burger

The concept of Henry’s Burger isn’t hard to grasp: keeping things simple and focusing on the meat. Take one look at their short menu and you know that they’ve put in all their effort in the 3 burger options that they serve: a single, double and triple hamburger.
Run by the same manager of fancy yakiniku venue Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara, their commitment to meat runs deep. Henry’s burgers serve 100% wagyu beef with no fillers in the patties, meaning you’ll be indulging in the true flavor of the wagyu. One bite into their chunky patties and your mouth will literally start watering. This petite joint doesn’t offer many seatings, so take your burgers and head out to the park.

2. Blacows

Can’t stand cheap buns and patties? If so, this is the perfect place for you. Blacows is all about providing customers with top-notch quality and that doesn’t just go for their patties, Blacows manages to pay attention to every detail in their burgers. Their bun? From the exquisite boulangerie Maison Kayser. Their pickles? Award-winning pickles from Northern Italy. You get the point. Blacows is a cult-favorite for anyone that appreciates kuroge wagyu beef. The coarse ground meat gives off a savory, rich flavor that will get you hooked. The burgers served here are bigger than the typical Japanese-size, so make sure you come here on an empty stomach.

3. Burger Mania

White neon lights, oak tables and a backdrop of white walls with black accents. Take one look at this place and you know they’ve nailed New York’s Williamsburg aesthetics. The stylish spot isn’t only easy on the eyes, Burger Mania will grab you by the heart with their burgers as well. Using 100% wagyu beef in all their patties, their burgers are fat and juicy, just the way you like them. Burger Mania offers a wide range of burgers, they even have a cherry burger (it’s surprisingly good) on their menu, so don’t bother bringing your fussy friend along with you. Come here for the burgers and stay for the vibe. You’ll be lingering here long after you’ve finished that burger.

4. Grill Burger Club Sasa

Located right behind Daikanyama station, this place will transport you to a good ol’ American diner. Unlike most burger spots, Grill Burger Club Sasa has 3 different sizes for their burgers so you can casually come here even if you have a small appetite. While there’s nothing especially fancy about Grill Burger Club Sasa, you can enjoy quality kuroge wagyu beef burgers for a relatively cheap price. Also, this venue boasts a pretty satisfying beer selection. Beer and burgers, now isn’t that a combination for a good time?

5. Blocks

Okay, I admit I may be cheating as Blocks doesn’t serve burgers, but their kuroge wagyu hamburger steak deserves a shout out, so hear me out. Blocks is located in a quiet neighborhood in Nakameguro. The restaurant may specialize in Japanese teppanyaki-French fusion, but their decor has a 1900’s western flair. The chef at Blocks is very experienced, with past works including working for a three-star restaurant in France. Promising, right? The wagyu beef used for their hamburger steak is sourced from Hokkaido and is aged for a month before being served. The toppings on the hamburger steak are subtle and complement the taste of the savory wagyu beef. I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now, yes, Blocks is on the pricier side, but I promise you, their hamburger steak is worth every yen.

Top Image @Masaki Tokutomi