Dining in Japan is whatever you want it to be. There are many restaurants that are unique and will leave you in awe. You can indulge your oddness or enjoy the craziness that they have to offer. When you are searching for a unique dining experience but having a hard time discovering them, we’ve got the round up of quirky and a bit crazy places to have a dinner/lunch in Japan!

This selection of restaurants is based on what it has an unique and interesting atmosphere and also nice foods.

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1. Sengoku Buyuden(戦国武勇伝)

If you are a history lover and want to experience traditional Japanese foods and even sit in a room that brings you back to ancient Japan era, Sengoku Buyuden would be the best restaurant to go for. Once you get into the restaurant, you feel like you’ve traced back to the ancient Japan. Why? With its detailed and gorgeous interior from Japanese floor Tatami and doors, you are actually treated as a Shogun! You can enjoy those traditional foods while taking a look at some of the Shogun costumes and items around you. Every single rooms have its concepts based on Japanese famous Samurai and battles such as Mitsuhide Akechi, Nobunaga Oda and Yukimura Sanada/ the Battle of Sekigahara and Honnoji-incident etc.


2. Ninja Akasaka(ニンジャ アカサ)

This is a ninja-themed restaurant, which takes theme dining to a next level. Once you step inside of the restaurant and seat on the gorgeous Japanese style table, the fun time begins. Do not take anything for granted. Because you’ll be surprised the fact that waiters who bring the menu at first are ninjas! All the interiors are designed by famous designer, which makes the whole atmosphere realistic. You can easily spend hours walking your way through the menu. Check out all the interior that they have to offer. Go in early when they are open, or be prepared for standing in line as it is quite a popular and unique restaurants in Japan.


3. Fish Restaurant Zauo(釣船茶屋ざうお)

When it comes to the most unique “style” to get menu out of it, don’t give the fish restaurant Zauo a miss. In this restaurant, you catch your own fish and the chef cook with it, which would be quite unique experience for you. The restaurant itself looks like Izakaya, the typical Japanese bar. However, if you get a table around the center area, you can actually fish from your table! It smells a bit fishy though, it’s worth checking it out. You can ask the chef to make those Sashimi, grilled, simmered, or fried whatever you like. That’s not all. You would receive a discount if you catch some of them!

It is about 10 mins walk from the South exit of the JR Shinjuku station, located on the first floor of the Shinjuku Washington Hotel.


4. Hakuritabai Hanbei(薄利多賣半兵ヱ)

If you’re on the hunt for cheap, yet good foods then look no further than Hakuritabai Hanbei. It was featured by a popular TV show Kaerema10(帰れま10) with its affordable, yet good traditional Japanese food. If you’re keen on a traditional dining experience then this is a must-to-go. From Yakitori, Okonomiyaki to Yakisoba, they have a wide variety of menu to choose from.


5. The Lock Up

Get lost in the Lock Up: it isn’t the food that makes it a bit crazy and unusual restaurant, but you will be in the situation where you’re actually locked up: yes, the next thing you know, you’re being hand-cuffed and captured in a prison.

This restaurant offers a prison-themed dining, which makes it even more interesting. It is a thrilling experience that you get to have a dinner in an dungeon. Also, take a look at their food closely- there might be something that looks unusual. That being said, do not worry about it too much because they are all edible.

Top Image @Koji Horaguchi