Many countries serve up foods that people from other areas might not consider as “foods”or edible, or other items are ignored. Japan has them as well. There are restaurants where you can enjoy certain oddities: Chinjyu-ya is definitely one of them.

Do you want to see what makes it bizarre and experience it during your trip? Whether you are looking for unusual foods or something a bit unique, read on and check it out!

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What is Chinjyuu-ya?/Odd About This Restaurant?

Chinjyu(珍獣) literally means “rare animal”. Now, just in case you’re wondering ”what exactly “rare animals” do they offer?

Well, to make it fun, close your eyes and imagine a restaurant where the menu selections are prepared using the freshest possible ingredients.
It looks good and nicely seasoned—- by the way, have you noticed that it could be actual grasshoppers, beetles, or crocodile’s feet? It is edible, so there’s nothing to worry about. But you wouldn’t notice that their foods are made out of them without knowing and think it “unusual” foods that we usually eat. Yes, it’s time to face your fear of crawlies etc.

The Bizarre Menu

The menu is not quite what may seem at first glance- bizarre things are on the menu. It might not for those who are not as excited to find those ingredients in drinks, foods and desserts though, those are well worth it a try. It ranges from scorpions and rabbits to piranhas. You can even order a few from their menu and see where your surreal experience starts with. There are foods that look like actual cuisine we usually eat on a daily basis. For instance, take a look at a picture below and assume what the hamburg is made out of.

It is a part of camel. Now it’s time to dig in! Don’t worry about getting sick because those ingredients are edible and actually the tastes are good. Although almost all of the ingredients are unusual ones and might be intimidating to have a bite, once you get used to eating it, nothing would stop you.

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