Learning languages requires dedication. Especially like Japanese where you have unusual Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana and its conjugation in the language. You have got grammar, vocabulary, slang, and idioms to fret over.

In all seriousness though, there are several ways that help you learn Japanese easier& fun ways. Do you need some inspiration? Videos are a powerful resource for language learners as they provide both enjoyable and active learnings, which is applicable to any language learning.

So, here’s what you will find in top 3 Japanese language channels on Youtube and tricks on learning Japanese effectively!

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Learning with YouTube&Simple Tricks  to Boost Your Japanese Language Learning

One of the most well-known channels with not only linguistic approach but casual topics such as foods, culture, travels etc. If you are struggling with grammar concept, it helps you learn conversational Japanese faster & effectively.

Youtube: JapanesePod101.com

Sharla in Japan

Learning with YouTube&Simple Tricks  to Boost Your Japanese Language Learning

Sharla is a Canadian who creates regular youtube contents accessible to a wide range of theme: travels, language, culture etc… What’s great about this channel is that you can either just watch or go through contents regardless of language learning or any kinds of purpose. In terms of using this as a language learning channel, that means you can learn conversational Japanese.
Also, she has general language topics that appeal to any language level learners.

Staged Faces

Learning with YouTube&Simple Tricks  to Boost Your Japanese Language Learning

She is a German girl who has studied abroad in Japan for 6months. Her videos offer contents in a casual manner, which is great for those who want to enjoy learning Japanese in a fun way.

Preview various channels and decide which are your favorites!
Still in need of some tricks to keep going? Here is a list of how you can learn languages that might help you.

Youtube: Staged Faces

Change Your Applications and Appliances to Japanese Language Settings

Japanese Language Lesson

With this simple trick, you can learn a lot of everyday basic expressions that natives use, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Japanese language. It is great because you will get a daily dose of it.

Memorize Poems or Songs

It could be a motivational booster if you’re feeling stuck on learning Japanese, but still wanting to learn in a fun way since memorizing poems or songs eventually comes with singing along the way. You will get a grasp of the linguistic rhythm and the pronunciation.

Make Use of the Comments Section on Youtube

If you want to engage with viewers, leave a comment! That way you would get some interactions, which great as if you are in a classroom.

Whatever your language levels, there are definitely ways that work for you. Just get started now and see how your Japanese learning will turn out!

Also, there is no right or wrong way. Learning approach depends on your interests or how you want to learn. To stay motivated, you need to find a language approach that suits you.

Good luck on your Japanese learning!