If you like Japanese culture, probably you have searched for something related to “Kimono” once. It is the traditional clothes that have been used for centuries, and people still wear at summer festival. But there are also lots of music videos you have missed. Here is the list of Kimono music videos/performances for you!

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Madonna / Nothing Really Matters

Madonna released her seventh album “ray of light” and one of the album songs Nothing Really Matters is one of the popular Kimono music videos on Youtube. Dressing up as a Japanese Kimono Geisya, she showed her artistic and creative side in the video. Her flayboyant wardrobes stand out well against the background, also her powerful voice echoes goes well with mysterious outfit in the video.

FEMM(Far East Mention Mannequins) Dead Wrong

The founding member Riri and Lula have released 10 singles since their debut in 2013. The twerking dance moves, electro pop tune and theme “freedom” has reflected well in their music videos and have caught everyone’s attention. In 2014, they released “Dead Wrong”, which is one of their most viewed music videos so far. The mixture of Japanese culture with catchy rhythm and dance makes the music video unique. This song is about telling a guy who broke up with, “dead wrong” after crying over and over. However, you do not see the kind of desperation in this music as it sounds from the lyrics. What makes them unique is how they incorporate Japanese culture into their content.

Katy Perry- Unconditionally

American singer song writer Katy Perry released “Unconditionally”. The music video has the Victrian style but her performance at AMA(American Music Award) in 2013, she dressed up as a Geisha and incorporated Japanese culture into her beautiful wardrobe. The video has got more than 80million views. Although Japanese people don’t find any problems with it, this performance has been brought up as “controversial” “questionable” “cultural appropriation” and accused for multiple times. Besides the controversial part, this is undeniably one of the best Yukata performances of all time.

Ayumi Hamasaki / Part of Me

Ayumi Hamasaki is a popular recording artist, composer and model, and also one of the best selling singers in Japan. In the music video of her single “Part of Me”, she wears Japanese traditional Kimono in the music video. What makes it special is the part where she is singing with the background of vivid red flowers, which is breathtaking. Also, she incorporates several elements of traditional Japanese culture: from Kimono and lyrics to Syamisen sounds (Japanese guitar). For those who like either the culture or traditional music (or both), it is a must watch.

Ayumi Hamasaki / Voyage

Ayumi’s single Voyage was released in 2002 and got 1st on the weekly charts. This song is about a couple trying to encourage each other to live together. The music video has gone viral as the lyric is relatable to everyone and more importantly, she wears Japanese Kimono and lying on a small ship in the video, which makes it even more beautiful. The melody will be stuck to your head one you listen to it.

There are a lot more music videos that you can see traditional Japanese culture. If you like watching those videos, just take a look and find which one you like the best.

Top Images by @machu.