It’s not hard to become obsessed with MUJI. MUJI is short for Mujirushi Ryouhin which means no brand, quality goods in Japanese. The Japanese brand has mastered the art of creating well-designed, high-quality goods, all with a minimalist flair. Unlike other retail stores, they don’t flaunt colors or logos on their products and instead focuses on presenting their customers their vision of a simple lifestyle. Walk into a MUJI store, and you will instantly start dreaming about how you can reinvent your room into a clean and organized space. Compared to other retail stores in Japan. MUJI may not be on the cheaper side because they aren’t in the competition for winning over their customer’s hearts with the price point, but rather with their quality products. With visually appealing products that induce relaxation, once you start shopping at MUJI, you’ll be hooked. Below is a list of 5 items that are worth every penny.

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1. Gel Ink Pen

MUJI pens are so popular nowadays, putting this item on the list may seem a bit of a no-brainer. After years of back-to-school shopping experience under my belt, I can say with confidence that MUJI’s gel ink pens are some of the best in the market. These pens perfectly fit my strict criteria for pens. Low price point? Check. Lasts for months? Check. Makes your handwriting neat? Check. Well-designed? Check. These pens glide so smoothly and the black ink comes out darker than other cheap pens I’ve tried in the past. All I can say is once you convert to MUJI pens, there’s no looking back.

2. Coarse Organic Cotton Stripe Long Sleeves T-shirt

Walk along the streets of Omotesando or Shinkuju, and you’ll notice a flock of Japanese people rocking striped shirts. In this country, stripes are popular among women and men of varying ages. While you can get your hands on striped shirts in pretty much any department store in Japan, I highly recommend the one from MUJI, as they’re 100% cotton and come in top-notch quality. Speaking from personal experience, I can assure you that these cotton shirts will last you for more than a couple of seasons. Furthermore, this shirt will remain soft even after countless times of laundries. Gone are the days that you had to worry about your shirt becoming crunchy.

3. Skin Care Products

I admit I was very skeptical about their skincare line at first. Having had sensitive and dry skin throughout my whole life, I have always been extra careful with the products I introduce into my skincare routine. That being said, I was delightfully surprised to be proven wrong. Their toners and moisturizers provide just the right amount of moist and seep into your skin without causing irritation. With several skincare lineups, MUJI has created a lineup catered for specific needs. Whether you want to start trying anti-aging serums or tackle your acne, MUJI will most likely have something for you. If you’re not sure what your skin is, take a quick quiz on their website to find out. Overall, the best part about MUJI skin care products lies in the fact that they don’t come with a hefty price tag.

4. Acrylic Storage

If you’re anything like me, you make an ambitious new year’s resolution to “become an organized person” each year, yet find yourself staring at a messy makeup stash within a week. If this sounds familiar to you, I have the perfect solution for you. Go get yourself the acrylic storage from MUJI. Available in varying sizes, I personally prefer buying their smaller sized storages for organizing my bucket of pens, putting away my makeup, and my dainty jewelry that I always lose track of. I know buying an acrylic storage might not sound enticing, but trust me, using these storages will give you major organizing skills that would make Marie Kondo proud.

5. Beads Sofa

Ranked as MUJI’s number one best selling product of 2017, beads sofa is the perfect alternative for a sofa for city dwellers with limited space. In short, beads sofa is MUJI’s take on the beanbag. The 0.5mm fine beads inside adapt to your body, making it perfect for hours of lounging. You can also adjust the way you want to use the beads sofa. Prop it up horizontally and you can sit on it more firmly. If you put it down vertically, you can get all cozy and sink in deeper into the beads sofa. Once you get your hands on this, you’ll find yourself attached. With multiple ways of using this, it’ll be hard coming up with a reason not to use it. Also, the cover comes separately, so you can buy several covers and switch them up depending on your mood.

Top Image @Shinya Suzuki