In downtown, you will find public baths called ‘Sentou’ in Tokyo. Normally, those are filled with tap water supplied by the local government. However, there are several public baths with natural mineral water known as ‘Onsen’ in Japan. Surprisingly, 20 out of 23 wards in Tokyo have the source of spa running underground. Here are introductions some of Sentou with Onsen water in Tokyo.

Enjoy the historical Kuroyu Onsen in Asakusa

Tokyo Sentou

A representative hot spring in Tokyo is ‘Kuroyu’. Kuroyu contains which is ancient seaweed decomposed through 100 millions years. There are various colours of Kuroyu such as brown, reddish brown and amber depending on the source.

Jyakotsu-yu is a 5-minute walk from the most famous temple ‘Senso-ji’ in Asakusa, which has been in history since the Edo era. All the hot water in Jyakotsu-yu is from underground so that you can use Onsen water when washing body & head as well.

Name: Jyakotsu-yu(蛇骨湯)
Location: Asakusa(浅草)
Price: 460yen

Open-air hot spring with Nigoriyu

onsen tokyo

Saya-no-yudokoro is in Itabashi ward. The building is traditional Japanese style with a beautifully arranged Japanese garden. They provide fifteen different types of baths. In particular, you would enjoy the open-air bath called Saya-no-yu. The colour of water is greenish brown, or olive green, and whitish because the water is cloudy by the natural source which also gives positive effects to your body.
Also, you can get Japanese soba noodles and other Japanese food in the restaurant.

It is in the middle of the big city but you could spend time there feeling like you are traveling somewhere in the countryside.

Name: Maenohara Onsen Saya-no-yudokoro(前野原温泉 さやの湯処)
Location: Itabashi-ku(板橋区)
Price: Mon-Fri 870 yen, Sat & Sun and holidays 1,100 yen

Koganeyu effects on smooth skin

onsen tokyo

Koganeyu is yellow ocher colour and is rare as a natural hot spring in Tokyo. It is made of the ancient seawater and is qualified for healing body especially effects on smooth skin. Shimizu-yu in Musashikoyama has 2 natural hot springs, Koganeyu and Kuroyu. Refresh your body and get a beautiful skin soaking in the hot springs!

Name: Musashikoyama Onsen SHIMIZU-YU(武蔵小山温泉 清水湯)
Location: IShinagawa-ku(品川区)
Price: 460yen

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