Cosplay is a short term word of Costume play, which is widely known as one of the Japanese subcultures spreading around the world. If you are an arty type, it is an extremely wonderful art-platform where you can express and show off your creativity. You may find it helpful to keep a list of costumes but one of the most popular costumes is Picatyuu as it is kawaii: cute bunny-like ears and yellow tails. You may have probably seen people wearing it regardless of genders. However, you will probably notice how girls and boys dress up differently. Have you ever wondered why?

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They have Wider Selection of the Picatyuu Cosplay For Girls Than Boys

It is not just about Picatyuu cosplay but in general, it’s comics themselves that have been defined as feminized. Cosplay is an industry largely dominated by women. One of the biggest factor is they have wider selection of women’s cosplay or mostly designed for them. Opposed to the feminized comics/cosplays, pop art tends to be validated as masculine. They have wider selection of the cosplay, including one piece, parkers for kids, skirts etc. As a result, girls dress up and wear the Picatyuu costumes nicely than boys do.

Boys Feel Ashamed of Getting in/Being taken pictures of them with the Cosplay

For boys, there’s definitely something shamelessly ego-boosting about getting their pictures taken, however, they seek more of quality for costumes wearing on. They like to wear ones that are recognizable but make them feel less eccentric: cosplayers usually get together at parties or conventions to make friends, taking each other’s pictures out of appreciation for their creativity. Making or wearing costumes rely on each other’s artistic talents, meaning that what they wear is a reflection on their artistic & creative skills. In terms of wearing Picatyuu, boys would probably feel a bit shame as it is too feminine for them. To every person who cosplays, whether it is a hobby or a career, it is always about community and showing each other’s costume.

Casual Female Cosplayers Enjoy With It

There is mostly a clear divide here between the professional and casual cosplayers: more specifically, talking about the casual female cosplayers, it is all about going to meetups, taking pictures with others and posting pictures on social media. Yes, just for fun. Therefore, they seek convenience in wearing costumes. Picatyuu is a versatile one because either you are going to those conventions and events or not, you can use it on a daily basis as a room wear. On the other hand, professionals are focus on visual aspect more and they like making their own costumes from scratch: sewing to designing to acting. It is a competitive sport of getting their picutures taken and how they catch everyone’s attentions. Also, if their dedication towards those costume-making and acting paid off, somebody wants to remember it for a long time, resulting in getting more fans/ audiences.

Cosplay is appropriating superheroes for art. Whether you want to have fun and stay away from usual work days or make friends in community, it is a great getaway. Although they have a sort of gender boundaries like the Picatyuu cosplay, it is for everyone, that “everyone” includes people of all genders, wearing whatever they wish.

Top Images by @Gage Skidmore