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Learning with YouTube&Simple Tricks to Boost Your Japanese Language Learning

Learning with YouTube&Simple Tricks to Boost Your Japanese Language Learning

Learning languages requires dedication. Especially like Japanese where you have unusual Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana and its conjugation in the language. You have got grammar, vocabulary, slang, and idioms to fret over. In all seriousness though, there are several ways that help you learn Japanese easier& fun ways. Do you need some inspiration?…read more

Here Is The Place You Can Rent Kimono and Walk Around Asakusa!

Rent Kimono and Walk Around Asakusa!

You may have an interest in ‘Kimono’ which is a Japanese traditional wear. You can rent or even buy one secondhand in shops. We recommend you walk around Asakusa, that is an old town in Tokyo, with wearing a kimono. It would be nicer to go riding on Rickshaw. Feel…read more

Melon Bread Specialty Store “TOKYO MELONPAN” in Tokyo!


Imagine yourself coming to Japan. What would you want to do? Food is one big attraction, right? Besides, you all would have heard about traditional Japanese course dinner. They are carefully prepared to bring out the natural taste of each ingredient and every dish is beautifully put in a bowl…read more

Hokusai Daughter, Oui Katsushika, Is Another Genius!

Hokusai Daughter, Oui Katsushika, Is Another Genius!

Hokusai Katsushika is one of the most celebrated ukiyo-e artist of Edo period. He had a great influence over artists like Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh just to name a few. Hokusai is the best known for ‘Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji’ and I bet you would have seen…read more

Creative Japanese TV Commercial “ CUPNOODLE – 7 SAMURAI –

Creative Japanese TV Commercial

Japan’s commercial design has received high praise in the world. Especially in the area of TV commercials, it is also common to see creative messages and unique sensibilities. In such a creative and mysterious Japanese TV commercial, a commercial called ” 7 SAMURAI ” that has been broadcast since the…read more

Tokyo Sentou Draws Hot Springs Water Recommended Kuroyu and Nigoriyu!

Tokyo Sentou

In downtown, you will find public baths called ‘Sentou’ in Tokyo. Normally, those are filled with tap water supplied by the local government. However, there are several public baths with natural mineral water known as ‘Onsen’ in Japan. Surprisingly, 20 out of 23 wards in Tokyo have the source of…read more

Conveyor Belt Sushi Place You Should Try in Tokyo!!!

Conveyor Belt Sushi | JAPAN PLUS

Sushi is recognized as an international food in various countries. Sushi which was known as a high-class dish in Japan, but it made sushi national family food that the style of Kaiten Sushi, conveyor belt sushi, invented in 1958 by Shiraishi Yoshiaki who operated the sushi restaurant. Kaiten Sushi, conveyor…read more

3+1 Crazy Tokyo’s Capsule hotels

3+1 Crazy Tokyo's Capsule hotels | japan plus

One of Japan’s innovative inventions is a capsule hotel. For those considering traveling to Japan, some people are considering a capsule hotel. But how long do you know Capsule Hotel? Most people will imagine a structure like a honeycomb designed to utilize limited space 100%. Although it may be enough…read more