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iPhone Finger Painting by Seikou Yamaoka

finger painting ipad iphone

Do you remember the last time you intentionally went out without your mobile phone? Do you ever imagine going about your day without ever checking your smartphone or tablet to see if anything new is up (yes, don’t we all enjoy checking for the imaginary messages)? Let’s face it. We…read more

Beginning of MUJI(HOTEL) Empire

Beginning of MUJI(HOTEL) Empire

We’re all excited to hear the news that in spring of 2019 MUJI is planning to open a hotel in Ginza, Tokyo, one of worldly known luxury shopping area in Japan. MUJI has very simplistic design and what they make usually come in neutral colors which I believe started attracting…read more

Akira Ymaguchi Next Japanese Modan Woodblock Print Artist!

Imagine yourself sitting in a peaceful tatami-room in a Kyoto temple trying to create zen moment. You smell natural wood of the gracefully aging construction and the grass used to weave tatami creates earthy scent as it gets warm with your body heat. You breathe in deep, then take a…read more

Popular Kimono Music Videos/Performances You Should Check Out

kimono music videos

If you like Japanese culture, probably you have searched for something related to “Kimono” once. It is the traditional clothes that have been used for centuries, and people still wear at summer festival. But there are also lots of music videos you have missed. Here is the list of Kimono…read more

Why Picatyuu Cosplay Makes A Clear Divide Between Boys and Girls

Picatyuu Cosplay

Cosplay is a short term word of Costume play, which is widely known as one of the Japanese subcultures spreading around the world. If you are an arty type, it is an extremely wonderful art-platform where you can express and show off your creativity. You may find it helpful to…read more

Five Reasons Why “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” Is Getting Popular Around the Globe

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyupamyu has proved to be one of the fiercest ladies in pop as well as the most-followed celebrity from Japan. The 24-year-old is undoubtedly one of the most popular singers of the last decade. As popular singer song writer Katy Perry introduced her on Twitter, her music contents have…read more

Top 5 Samurai Anime that Blow Your Mind

Top 5 Samurai Anime that Blow Your Mind

With so many Samurai anime clamoring for attention these days, you almost need to make a list to watch as it’s overwhelming to choose from. For those who just begun to take a interest in Japanese SAMURAI anime or a long-time anime-lover, read on. Here is a list of Samurai…read more

【Instagenic Photos!?】 Bizarre Meals(Foods) to Try in Japan: Chinjyu-ya

Bizarre Meals(Foods) to Try in Japan: Chinjyu-ya

Many countries serve up foods that people from other areas might not consider as “foods”or edible, or other items are ignored. Japan has them as well. There are restaurants where you can enjoy certain oddities: Chinjyu-ya is definitely one of them. Do you want to see what makes it bizarre…read more

The World’s Most Expensive Pickled Plums(Japanese Umeboshi)

The World’s Most Expensive Pickled Plums(Umeboshi)

I’m a firm believer that one of the best ways to become well acquainted with a new culture is by immersing yourself in the culinary culture. While Japanese food such as sushi may be accessible from London to Buenos Aires, how often do you have the opportunity to try out…read more

Risuke Fukahori Who Can Create Goldfish

Risuke Fukahori Who Can Create Goldfish

If you like the calming effect of seeing fish effortlessly swimming and sliding in the water, I have an artist just for you. Now let us dive into his water wonder land.