Japanese 10 Best Jeans Brands!

japanese 10 best jeans brands

Jeans can be easily said that it is the the world’s favorite pants. With its careful craftsmanship, Japanese jeans made using high quality denim, are gaining more and more attention these days. Here is the list which can navigate you to help find the best jeans in Japan!

Travel Back to Edo Period in Japan; theme park ‘Edo Wonderland / Nikko Edomura’ lets you live the life of samurai


If you’re visiting this site, I suppose you’re at a place where (a) you want to learn about Japan because you’re planning to go there or already live there, or (b) you are fascinated by the country and somewhat feel like you have emotional connection to the culture. For those…read more

[HITOTOKI Clock]Modern Take on Analogue Clock


It doesn’t really happen anymore that someone on the street asks you if you know the time. Because most of us carry around smartphone wherever we go. One possibility is that it may not cause us so much of a problem even if all the clock in the world decide…read more

Kimono Designed by YOSHIKI, X JAPAN Drummer – YOSHIKIMONO


Have you head of a kimono brand YOSHIKIMONO? Maybe not. But perhaps, it may pique your interest once you learned that a member of rock band is the designer of this brand. But kimono feels so traditional and modest, while rock music feels so… opposite, right? Let’s find out how…read more

10 things in Japanese Convenience Store You Should Try!

10 things in Japanese Convenience Store You Should Try!

Convenience Stores are plentiful around Japan. They provide a different array of options and sell everything from groceries to underpants. Their best sellers are mostly foods: Are you interested in buying some Japanese foods there but still unsure which ones you should buy? Here’s the list of recommendations for you!

5 Unusual Japanese Restaurants You Should Try

5 Unusual Japanese Restaurants You Should Try

Dining in Japan is whatever you want it to be. There are many restaurants that are unique and will leave you in awe. You can indulge your oddness or enjoy the craziness that they have to offer. When you are searching for a unique dining experience but having a hard…read more

Komnari Method to Declutter Your Home

Komnari Method to Declutter Your Home

The idea of decluttering your possession in your room directly affect our lives: If you are constantly on the hunt for clutter around your room or entire house and often feel frustrated with how much time and energy you are managing your stuff, this method might help you to do…read more

10 Hottest Japanese Fashion(Clothing) Brands

10 Hottest Japanese Fashion Brands!

Are you planning to go shopping in Japan but have no idea of where to go? We rounded up a list of popular Japanese fashion brands so that you can find investment in your personal clothing style! If you are curious about the recommendations for shopping at Japanese clothing stores,…read more

6 Japanese Whiskies You Need to Try

6 Japanese Whiskies You Need to Try

Move over Scotland, Japanese whisky is on the rise! If you’re not familiar to whisky, this may come as a shock to you, but if you ask a whisky enthusiast, I’m sure they’d be nodding their heads with me. Japanese whisky has been gaining a lot of international hype in…read more

Perfect for Winter in Japan! What is Warm Alchohol “Atsu-kan”?


Trying out different alcohol is similar to trying out different ice cream flavors when you were a child. You have your favorite flavor, but there’s always space to try and experiment with other flavors. While wine and beer are more popular in the west, sake has a special place for…read more