Japanese 10 Well Known Jewelry Brands

Japanese 10 Well Known Jewelry Brands

While Japanese fashion has developed and given birth to different styles from its own unique culture, Japanese jewelry has also evolved in its unique way, without being bound it its shape or fabric. In this article, you can find 10 well known Japanese Jewelry brands which might be good fit…read more

[HITOTOKI Clock]Modern Take on Analogue Clock


It doesn’t really happen anymore that someone on the street asks you if you know the time. Because most of us carry around smartphone wherever we go. One possibility is that it may not cause us so much of a problem even if all the clock in the world decide…read more

Kimono Designed by YOSHIKI, X JAPAN Drummer – YOSHIKIMONO


Have you head of a kimono brand YOSHIKIMONO? Maybe not. But perhaps, it may pique your interest once you learned that a member of rock band is the designer of this brand. But kimono feels so traditional and modest, while rock music feels so… opposite, right? Let’s find out how…read more

Yokai, Japanese Kind of Ghost

Yokai, Japanese Kind of Ghost

Japan truly is a mystic island. In the middle of tall buildings, there could be found a tiniest rusty shrine. Palm size mountain of sault in front of a restaurant would welcome you at the entrance when you go out to eat at traditional Japanese place. In the mystic country,…read more

The list of Japanese famous Ukiyoe works which are influenced Portrait of Pere Tanguy painted by Van Gogh

japanese ukiyoe

Ukiyo-e would be one topic when people talk about Japanese art. What comes into your mind when you think of ukiyo-e? Vivid color? A woman wearing kimono? A face of Kabuki actor? Some of you might already have your own favorite artist. But can you imagine the shock it brought…read more

iPhone Finger Painting by Seikou Yamaoka

finger painting ipad iphone

Do you remember the last time you intentionally went out without your mobile phone? Do you ever imagine going about your day without ever checking your smartphone or tablet to see if anything new is up (yes, don’t we all enjoy checking for the imaginary messages)? Let’s face it. We…read more

Akira Ymaguchi Next Japanese Modan Woodblock Print Artist!

Imagine yourself sitting in a peaceful tatami-room in a Kyoto temple trying to create zen moment. You smell natural wood of the gracefully aging construction and the grass used to weave tatami creates earthy scent as it gets warm with your body heat. You breathe in deep, then take a…read more

Risuke Fukahori Who Can Create Goldfish

Risuke Fukahori Who Can Create Goldfish

If you like the calming effect of seeing fish effortlessly swimming and sliding in the water, I have an artist just for you. Now let us dive into his water wonder land.

Hokusai Daughter, Oui Katsushika, Is Another Genius!

Hokusai Daughter, Oui Katsushika, Is Another Genius!

Hokusai Katsushika is one of the most celebrated ukiyo-e artist of Edo period. He had a great influence over artists like Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh just to name a few. Hokusai is the best known for ‘Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji’ and I bet you would have seen…read more

Creative Japanese TV Commercial “ CUPNOODLE – 7 SAMURAI –

Creative Japanese TV Commercial

Japan’s commercial design has received high praise in the world. Especially in the area of TV commercials, it is also common to see creative messages and unique sensibilities. In such a creative and mysterious Japanese TV commercial, a commercial called ” 7 SAMURAI ” that has been broadcast since the…read more