If you’re new to whisky, navigating through the wide world of whisky may seem difficult. The choices are overwhelming, the jargons are hard to understand (“What’s a single malt?” you may ask.) and quite frankly it’s hard to set foot in a whisky bar without completely making a fool out of yourself. With dim lights, whiskies lined up against the walls and chandeliers dangling from the ceiling, there’s definitely an urban sophisticated atmosphere to this place. Take one step into Tokyo Whisky Library and you’ll feel like you’ve joined an exclusive members club or some sort of secret society. While Tokyo Whisky Library may come across as an intimidating bar, don’t let looks deceive you.

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This bar certainly does not give off a “whisky experts only” or “regulars only” vibe. Quite the contrary, the friendly bartenders at Tokyo Whisky Library will ask you questions and figure out a whisky that matches your taste. If drinking whisky straight is not your thing, don’t worry, Tokyo Whisky Library offers several whisky based cocktails. A safe cocktail option here would be a boulevardier. Based off of the same formula as a Negroni, but replacing the gin with a whisky, this is a bittersweet cocktail that stands out. Even if you’re a whisky expert, you’ll never get bored of this place. Boasting over 1,200 types of distilled spirits from different regions, you’re bound to discover a new whisky every time you stop by. Located in Aoyama, this trendy venue is the perfect spot to impress a date or have a night out with close friends.

From the exterior to the interior design, this bar is irresistibly photogenic. Don’t forget to take a couple snaps when you stop by!!


・Check out the YouTube video below to get a glimpse of the bar.

・Feeling hungry? (I know I always am…!) Make sure to order Tokyo Whisky Library’s smoked items. From their smoked salmon to smoked chicken, everything is tasty and compliments the whisky.


  • Address: Minamiaoyama santakiarakyoukai 2F, 5-5-24, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone: +81-03-6434-1163
  • Website: Tokyo Whisky Library